IPOKRaTES is a non-profit foundation accredited as of April 14, 2011 by the government of Baden-Württemberg, Germany (§ 80 BGB, § 5 StiftG).
Chairpersons and Board Members are the decision-making body of the foundation. They are high-ranking members of the medical community and its societies, who ensure that IPOKRaTES works independently and achieves the goals and aims of the foundation, which are to provide the best possible education for students, doctors and nurses across the world, using various means of communication and formats, from classical seminars and larger conferences to IPO-TV-teleeducation, offered to participants independent of race, color, religion or political system within the framework of a non-profit seeking, charitable movement.


Josef Neu

University of Florida, USA


Judy Aschner

Hackensack NJ and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA

Istvan Seri

Semmelweis University, Hungary
 Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, USC Keck School of Medicine, USA

Vanessa Vogelsang

Technical University Munich, Germany

Anton van Kaam

University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Board Members

Martin Keszler

Brown University, USA

Richard Polin

Columbia University, USA

Roberta M. Cilio

University of Louvain, Belgium

Peter G. Davis

University of Melbourne, Australia

Bastian Fiedler

m:con-mannheim:congress GmbH, Germany

Andreas Flemmer

LMU Clinical Center Munich, Germany

David Bante

Innsbruck, Austria

Bernadette von Perfall

Munich, Germany

Laurenz Simbruner

London, UK

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